While in Spain 2 years ago finishing my master’s thesis in World Language Education, I was blessed enough to meet Jorge. After spending some time together both here in Spain and in the States we have decided that Logroño (northern Spain) is where we want to make our nest. We are excitedly trying to figure out how to mix all the things we love from the U.S. and Spain and intertwine them into one, full and exciting life together.

Because of this incredible new opportunity, I am now embracing three of my passions; teaching, writing, and traveling, all into one with this website. Here you can find information about Spain, cultural tours offered in La Rioja (which I facilitate), study abroad programs (which I coordinate), cooking tips and ideas brought to you by Mamá Matilde as well as myself, and highlights from our day-to-day adventures here. Spain is a beautiful country, rich in culture, cuisine, and life. It is my hope that here on this website, I can share all of my findings with you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have.