With Jen and Ed on their way down from Manchester by train, I had another half day to spend in London. I had heard great things about Camden Town and decided to check it out. It was close enough to my hostel to walk, and with another day of really nice weather, I was out to the street to find all that Camden Town had to offer. As I approached something called the ‘Stables’, I decided to enter in and see what I found.
There were all of these little booths or stables that used to be used for horses, but now are used for permanent market booths, selling everything from antiques, to jewelry, to trendy clothing and handbags. There was an array of different types of things for sale and it was exciting to see what all they had to offer. As I made my way down the windy pathways of the ‘Stables’ I found myself in a completely different part where there were food booths from almost every country imaginable: authentic French cheese and prosciutto sandwiches, Arabian falafel and kebabs, Peruvian pollo a la brasa, English fish and chips, Chinese dim sum, freshly baked cakes, cookies, fudge, even macarons, and the list goes on and on. Each booth dealer was happily passing out samples sure that everyone would like what they had to offer.
There was so much to choose from, I was unable to make a quick decision and passed through to the locks to take everything in before I made a decision of what I would be dining on for lunch. As I exited out to the river, there were two boats going through the locks. What a beautiful setting for people to watch and enjoy the passing river and the frequent changing of the locks.

As I walked back into the ‘food booth frenzy’, I finally decided on a fresh, spiced lamb wrap, and to drink, a glass of freshly made, organic ginger, ‘winter’ tea. Both amazing choices and delicious!! After a wonderful meal and some awesome purchases in the markets, I had to be off to my hostel to pick up my suitcase and then to the train station to meet up with Ed and Jen! I was so excited to see them and so ready for our big race the next morning!!