It’s quite simple, really, but when you’re stuck in a bind (and by bind, I mean it’s the night before Thanksgiving and you have everything to make the pumpkin pie except the evaporated milk and you go to the grocery store to ask where it is and the clerk look at you as if you were from outer space…that kind of bind), it’s a necessary to know how to make your own! So, how do you do it?


Whole milk (twice the quantity that your recipe calls for)

Wire Whisk

Lots of time and some good shoe supports!

To begin:

Start with whole milk and measure out double the quantity that the recipe calls for. We do this because, come to find out, evaporated milk is just milk that has had the water evaporated out of it. Huh, who would of thought? That name is actually quite fitting. So, the evaporation process just makes the milk twice as ‘milky’.

Put your measured out whole milk in a small pot on low heat and stir with wire whisk. And stir, and stir, and stir. Yes, this is the part that can get rather monotonous. But if you don’t want your milk to get a gooey film over the top, you must. keep. stirring. It’s kind of difficult to know when the milk is done, but after about an hour of stirring, yes, an hour, and yes, we all took turns stirring, you can pour your milk into a measuring cup to see where you’re at. When you get the actual quantity that the recipe calls for, you’re done! Let cool a bit and add to your pie mix! That’s it! All it takes is some time and a strong arm (or an army of arms) to make this work!