Serving size for 4 large helpings of paella. It is traditionally served in Spain as a first dish during the lunch hour, but can also be served as a meal by itself as it is so rich in flavor and has a large variety of ingredients.


1 3/4 cups of rice (short grain, white)

8-10 raw, large shrimps (with shells and the heads if you can find them for extra added flavor!!)

1 lb. fresh or frozen muscles

1 lb. fresh or frozen clams

4 cups fish broth (if you can’t find that, you can substitute chicken broth, if you don’t have either, you can always use water)

3 garlic cloves (minced)

1 red pepper (chopped into 1/2 inch squares)

2 medium sized Anaheim peppers (chopped into 1/2 inch squares)

1 medium yellow onion (chopped into 1/2 inch squares)

1 large garden tomato (peeled and chopped into 1 inch squares) Check out this quick and easy trick to peeling a tomato!

2 hard boiled eggs (thinly sliced)

extra virgin olive oil

juice from one lemon


1 bay leaf

saffron (for yellow coloring and delicious taste)


**Note: Add different types of seafood to your discretion. Feel free to leave out anything you don’t like or don’t have. It will still taste great!!

Before you begin:

1/2 hour before you are going to start cooking the paella, place the clams and muscles in a bowl covering with water and adding salt. This will give the clams and muscles a chance to absorb the salt.

muscles in salt water

To begin:

1) In the largest flat pan that you have (or if you’re really fancy, your very own paella pan), add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and garlic to your pan and let it heat up. Careful to keep an eye on the oil because it can heat up fast and watch not to burn the garlic!

2) Once the oil is warm, add onions, green peppers, and red pepper. Let simmer for 3-4 minutes or until onions are golden brown.

Brown peppers and onions for the paella

3) Drain clams and muscles and add them to the pan. Stir in the tomato and rice and let cook for 10 min on medium-high heat.

Clams, Muscles, Rice Paella Mixture

4) Now add broth (or water), saffron (mashing in your hands a bit before you add it… watch out, it may turn your hands a bit yellow! You can also smash it between parchment paper before adding), bay leaf, lemon juice, and a touch of salt. Let that mixture cook for another 20 minutes on medium-high heat only giving it one or two stirs.

** To learn a little bit more about cooking with saffron, click here.

Paella with fish broth and spices

5) After 20 min, lay shrimps and sliced hard boiled egg over top of rice mixture, let cook for 5 more minutes.

Shrimp paella with hard boiled egg

6) Turn of heat, cover pan with cloth, and let the mixture rest for 5 minutes.

Letting rice for paella rest

7) Dish out the paella and enjoy! :)

Seafood paella, finishe product

Best of luck!! Please leave a comment and let us know how this seafood paella worked out for you!