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Laguardia: Wine Country

Taste the unique wines from the infamous ‘Rioja’ region. Learn about the wine-making process and how it has changed over the years. See breathtaking views of vineyards that climb over hills and mountaintops. Delight in the the delicious home-cooking of the region. Basque in the culture of a walled city that was built over 900 years ago. Enjoy all of this in just one afternoon with this elegant and relaxing tour of some of the most beautiful Spanish wine country!

Tours: Friday, & Sunday (or by appointment for groups larger than 6).

11:00am – 6:00pm

Breakdown of the tour:

1) Tour of an exquisite winery along the countryside of Laguardia

2) Wine tasting of 3 of the wineries most popular wines

3) 5 course, typical ‘Riojan’ lunch accompanied by fantastic paired wines with each serving

4) A tour of the walled city on the hill, Laguardia, a city made from, by, and of wine.

5) While in Laguardia, we will also take a tour of an old, underground wine cellar (to see the way they used to make it!)

Meeting Point: You’ll be picked up in your hotel lobby.

Price: $135 per person. Price includes wine tastings, 5 course meal with paired wines, tours of two distinct wineries, and a historical tour of the majestic city of Laguardia.


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Logroño City Center & Tapas

Get an inside look at the capital of La Rioja, Logroño. Learn the unique history, observe the beautiful architecture, and taste the culinary bliss of the one-of-a-kind tapas only found here in this city! This tour starts out with a historic walk around the city center; viewing beautiful churches, statues, bridges, and much more, while also learning of the past importance of these structures to the city of Logroño and its people. The tour ends on the famous Calle Laurel (Laurel Street), just in time for a great tapa or two before lunch or dinner! Your guide will be sure to share her top favorites with you!

Morning Tours:

Thursday, Saturday 11:00am – 1:30pm

Afternoon Tours:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Meeting Point: If your hotel/hostel is downtown, you’ll be picked up in your lobby. If not, you can meet us in the Plaza de la Redonda in front of the cathedral at 11:30am for the morning tour, or at 6:30pm for the evening tours. (Please note that the meeting time in your hotel lobby is 30 minutes before the tour will start at the cathedral.)

Price: Free. This tour is offered free to all who would like to enjoy it! We do ask that you do consider your guide, and if you enjoyed the tour, please give to your guide the amount that you feel the tour was worth to you.

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San Millán de la Cogolla: The Birthplace of the Spanish Language

It is said that San Millán de la Cogolla is the ‘cuna‘ or cradle of the Spanish language. It is here in this beautiful, mountainous landscape that the first written words of Spanish were composed on paper. Spanish monks living in the monasteries, Suso and Yuso, began inscribing Spanish words for the first time into the side columns of texts that were formerly only written in Latin. It is believed that San Millán de la Cogolla is where the oldest of these Spanish transcriptions has been found, dating back to the 11th century A.D., and for this, both monasteries have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

San Millán de la Cogolla is about a 55 minute drive to the southwest of Logroño and transportation to and from Logroño will be included in the tour. A typical ‘Riojan’ 3 course meal (lunch) will also be included in the tour. The restaurant, Asador de San Millán, is perfectly placed on the grounds of the monasteries and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful views of La Rioja. Check out the link of the restaurant to find out more about typical ‘Riojan’ foods that they serve, or to see some of the views and decor of this unique restaurant.

Tours: Tuesday & Wednesday (or by appointment for groups larger than 6)

10am – 4:00pm

Meeting Point:  You’ll be picked up and dropped off in your hotel or hostel lobby.

Price: $85. Price includes the trip to and from Logroño (55 minutes each way), the entrance fee and guided tour through both monasteries, Yuso and Suso, as well as a typical 3 course ‘Riojan’ lunch at the Asador de San Millán.

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The wine tour was spectacular…

Megan Rewa

Tourist from Dorr, MI