We were told by Tim (our tour guide from the day before) that if we stood in the line at the entrance of the Roman Forum, we could get into the Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Colosseum without waiting in all the other lines! This worked out great (and turned out to be the only line we waited in on the whole trip)! Lucky us!

So we entered into Palatine Hill first, the palace where the emperor of Rome lived during the Flavian dynasty. Mostly in ruins now, but one could imagine walking through the peaceful gardens, pondering life as an emperor on the top of one of Rome’s great hills. The view was absolutely amazing!

Then we headed over to the Roman Forum to dig a bit deeper into the history at we had learned from Tim the day before. We were able to walk right through the ruins of the once busy streets of powerful Rome!

We ended our exploration at the Colosseum. Although we had visited the outside the day before, we still wanted to experience what it would be like to be inside; people cheering from the ledges, animals being raised by elevators and appearing onto the main floor through trap doors. It was quite interesting imaging how it would have been to be part of a spectacle like this oh so many years ago!

We finished up our day with a night walking tour of the city. With Tim as our guide once again, we were this time a large group of four! We walked the whole city, discovering some of Rome’s most famous artworks by night. We visited beautiful flowing fountains, intricately carved sculptures, climbed the famous Spanish steps, and finished our tour looking out over the entire city from a gorgeous park right at the old entrance of Rome. Incredibly beautiful!